About us

Henrico High School NJROTC was founded by our Lieutenant Commander(LCDR) Childers with the vision to train up students into fine leaders and also let them get a look at what the Navy is like and make a choice about serving our country. The NJROTC program is a cadet run program, a place for students who are looking to be challenged, wanting adventure, and to gain discipline. Also here at Henrico's NJROTC program students will have many opportunities to meet different people, and learn different things that may become useful to their everyday life. They will have many responsibilities, jobs, and leadership opportunities that they may take on in the unit. We like our cadets to participate in different activities, so we have different teams that they may be appart of. The teams are as follows, drill team(exhibition armed/unarmed), rifle team, color gaurd, and academic. With these different activities they have opportunities to earn a variety of awards. We are about discipline and military appearance and conduct, but we also have fun and let the cadets experience things dealing with the Navy by taking field trips to Naval bases and other events. One event that we do every year is the USS Buttercup, and that is a Navy wet trainer where they teach the cadets what to do if the vessel(ship) they are on is hit and starts to flood. Another event that we have every year is called annual inspection, where the area 5 manager or someone who works for him comes to inspect the whole unit. These are the things that the Henrico High School NJROTC unit do and what we are about. If you are interested in joining the unit just reach us by any of our contacts on this website. Thank you.